Helen Lorraine. Trying to be Plus Model, love-maker, rump-shaker, goal slayer.  Looking at the world through puppy-colored lenses, being generally wonderful and beautiful and sometimes uncomfortable. Big-butt, big-boob lady with the walk to show it. Makeup and scary things are my game, along with brownies, pasta, and chunky funky ice creams. Big girl with a big heart, sometimes you can find me behind the camera and sometimes in front of it. I'm a self-love advocate who is still finding her path... come join me! 
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    Black Cat II by Nat Jones.

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    Illustrator: Albert Kallis

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  • Hey, cool! Thanks for reblogging this picture of me. But no credit makes me sad :( So I will add it!

    Photographer- Insomniac’s Dream Productions (https://www.facebook.com/InsomniacsDreamProductions)

    Model/MUAH- Helen Lorraine (facebook.com/misshelenlorraine)

    Thank you for your support and please don’t remove credit! xoxo

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  • ATTENTION TUMBLR! I need YOUR help! If you are a fan of my modeling and would like to see this image published in the incomparable Pink Bow City then PLEASE follow this link and click LIKE:


    I would appreciate it a million times over and while I know you are busy with life and saving the world…. It would really make this chubby bunny a whole lot happier!

    Thank you!

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  • Illustration by Fritz Willis c. 1950s

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    Words to live by

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  • Simply beautiful

    Thank you very much!

    You're gorgeous!! Are you single?

    Thank you! And no, I’m very happily taken right now :)